We at the Super 8 of Monroe are concerned about the community where we do business. We are committed to continuously evaluating our operations to set goals and take specific actions towards environmental, social, and economic sustainability. This process involves a long term commitment to benchmark our present situation, set goals for improvement, achieve those goals, and then repeat the process looking for new opportunities.

As part of this program we hope to reduce our overall environmental impact. To do this we as a business benchmarked the following areas of our operation to document our current measurable environmental impact:

  • Solid waste—landfill, recycled, overall cost
  • Energy consumption—natural gas and electricity
  • Water consumption
  • We are the only hotel in Wisconsin to be certified by Energy Star. We scored 95 points out of a possible 100!

In the future comparisons can be made to check improvements. Based on our current situation the following improvement plan has been initiated.

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Communication/Education (Employees and Guests)

Waste Reduction

Energy Efficiency, Conservation and Management

Water Conservation

Air Quality

Wildlife and Landscape Conservation Management



Local Community Benefits

The aforementioned nine areas of action demonstrate our commitment to improve our community’s environmental, social, and economic sustainability by employing a comprehensive “Green Philosophy”. Our hotel has received national and statewide recognition for their “Green Initiative” and is certified “Green” by Travel Green Wisconsin. Ask for a guided tour, we are a demonstration site for Midwest Renewable Energy Association. How can you help? Let us know how we are doing. Leave your comments and suggestions about our program at the Front Desk. Use the template of this program to start your own “Green Initiative”. Let us know how you are doing! Remember a “Green Philosophy” is a long term commitment and one that involves continuous improvement.